Monday, March 2, 2009

The Silver Certificate by Sarah

Written in November

Last Saturday, after waiting for three painfully long weeks, I received the Silver Certificate for the Congressional Award. The Silver Certificate is the second of six awards given when you have set and completed goals in four different areas. The four different areas are: personal development, voluntary service, physical fitness, and exploration or expedition. For each level you set new goals and put in a certain amount of hours. For the physical fitness goal I trained to run a 10k in less than 60 minutes. On June 14th I successfully reached my goal with a time of 58:14. For the voluntary service I volunteered at the Ooltewah Collegedale library. For the personal development I attended a girls' Civil War camp where I sewed a Civil War era skirt, petticoat, hoopskirt, and slat bonnet. I learned several Civil War period dances. It was a lot of fun. For the Expedition I got to wear my Civil War clothes and assist in the dance exhibition for the 145th anniversary Battle of Chickamauga Reenactment in Chattanooga.


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I have a wonderful idea of how to celebrate... why don't you visit your old friends the Garrisons this Saturday? Huh? Huh? Sound good?

Zeglen fam said...

Sounds Great!!!!!!!!

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une_fille_d'Ève said...

What better way to celebrate than with Tim-Tams, biscuits, dips, parfaits, and great friends?

une_fille_d'Ève said...

One of my favorite peoples had a birthday this week. And I was hoping to see pictures of her beautiful face on here since I can't see her in person.

Do you know how disappointed I am???