Thursday, April 30, 2009

Camping at Cloudland Canyon by Susie

As you may know by now, Zeglen camping trips are most interesting and often rather humorous. This last one was no exception.

On Friday, April 17th, Dad and Susie went to the Cloudland Canyon campground to scout out campsites. They succeeded in securing 2 campsites convenietly located adjacent to one another and only about 20 ft. away from the bath house. Two very important qualities, to be sure. :)

Friday evening the Ruffs arrived. YAY!! We set up camp and explored the campground. We discovered a plastic playground that could fit in our garage. We had a very entertaining time climbing all over it.

On Saturday morning we had eggs, cinnamon rolls, muffins, and coffee for breakfast. Then, as the dads pored over the list of facilities and activities within the campground, they decided to check out the disc golf course. On the map, it appeared to be a short walk up to the course; however, as the scouting party set out, they discovered that it was, in fact, a rather long walk straight uphill. (We later measured it to be about a mile.). When we were almost there (we couldn't tell we were almost there, but we were) Uncle T observed that it may be a while before we actually got there, so he returned down the hill and retrieved the van to carry us the rest of the way. Now, of course, by the time he got back with the van and we had all clambered in, we were only a few yards away from the golf course. Go figure. We checked it out and then returned to our campsites to eat sandwiches and chips for lunch.

Upon second perusal of the brochure, it was discovered that there was a class thingy for disc golf at 6 p.m. We decided we would try that later. We also discovered that there was a (guided) waterfall hike that started in about five minutes. We hurried to the starting place and were only a few minutes late. We proceeded on the hike which involved a lot of rocks and about 500 stairs.

When we returned to the campsite, we decided that we didn't want to wait until 6 o'clock to do disc golf. We set out for the course again (this time in the van) and played the course by ourselves with discs we had borrowed from some friends who went to our church. We had a great time and got lots of sunburn and pollen ingestion.

Back at the campsite, we found out that it was a 100% chance of rain that night. We decided to move into the Zeglen house for the night to avoid the downpour. Aunt and Uncle Ruff stayed with their camper for the night, but everyone else packed up and adjourned to our lovely dwelling. Sunday morning we ate breakfast, packed up again, went to McKays, and felt guilty for missing church. Then we had lunch at Cracker Barrel (somewhat of a camping tradition) and then *sob* said good-bye to the Ruffs. We were crazy, (come on, this is us) and had tons of fun. Here are some pics to prove it.

Disc Golf:

More Disc Golf:


Moving into the Zeglens:


Zeglen fam said...

Camping with the Ruff's rocks!!!


Taylor said...

and such a flattering pic of me on the rock-thanks guys :)and you forgot to mention Josh :)

Zeglen fam said...

hey, talk about flattering! look at me on that rock!!!:)

Zeglen fam said...

Sorry I left him out. It was already a long post. Enjoy it, it may the last one for a looooooong time.

Zeglen fam said...

Josh should be a history proffessor:)


Taylor said...

why the last one for a long time?? :(

Zeglen fam said...

Taylor, you know we're not the most consistent bloggers ever. :) I didn't know Mary would post again so soon.

Sarah Zeglen said...

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