Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Texas trip April 2009 by Mary

April 23-28 we had a very fun trip to Texas to watch Steve graduate from Security Forces training.

Day 1. Driving, driving, and more driving.

Day 2. Go to graduation, eat at Cracker Barrel, crash at the hotel.

Day 3. Driving to Port Aransas (which included taking a ferry to go to the island); looking for a place to spend the night since the hotel we were planning on was booked!

Day 4. Going to the beach and pool, getting sunburned, leaving the beach and staying the night at the Embassy Suites.
Day 5. Seeing the Alamo, watching it rain (which messed up our afternoon plans because we were going to go canoeing and play Peter Pan putt-putt!), going to see "The Race to Witch Mountain," driving to Dallas, and staying at the Hilton Anatole (we got to stay at this fancy hotel because we got a discount rate from Emily Tramuto who went to Peru with Steve and Dad).

Day 6. Driving home


Zeglen fam said...

You didn't mention the car games:)


Taylor said...

looks very fun and busy!! Did you like Race? I love it!! Have you ever played that game I'm going so and so and taking...when you take different things in alphabetical order? We've been playing that a ton lately and we've been doing it with ppls names (I went for a walk and met) Only I started doing what we call inversions, like instead of meeting Sarah Z for S I'd say Zeglen, Sarah for Z. :)

Zeglen fam said...

yes, per kathys request, we played " i'm going on a road trip and i'm taking..."